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Personalized Book - Ballerina

Caucasian and Ethnic

(Spanish Version)

Create a Book Ballerina

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 Brand - Create a Book Personalized Books


Is there a little ballerina princess in your life? This personalized story details the weeks leading up to the final ballet recital and how your child and her friends prepare for the big event by practicing all the ballet movements they learned in dance class. At the last moment, the famous ballerina who was starring in the show becomes sick. Your little girl is chosen to replace the leading role and gives a star performance!  As the flowers are brought to the stage, your child realizes all of her hard work and practice paid off.

Ballerina steps and positions are illustrated on the last two pages for the beginning ballerina and her family.

Lizzy estaba tan emocionada mientras paseaba con su amiga, Mary! La primavera era siempre un momento del año especialmente bonito en Miami. ¡Las plantas estaban floreciendo, el sol era cálido y brillante, y todo parecía nuevo y fresco! Habían estado yendo a clases de ballet durante muchas semanas, y ahora había llegado el momento de representar su ballet anual, "La Princesa Bailarina". ¡Este año, el papel principal iba a ser interpretado por una famosísima bailarina!


  • For ages 4-10
  • This is a quality hard-cover personalized children's book.
  • Washable hard covers
  • Fully illustrated color pages
  • 36 pages