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Personalized Letters from Santa Claus

Letter Prices Include Shipping. 

Letters will only be mailed to United States Addresses.

Last Date to Order - December 17

Won't your children be surprised when they receive a special letter just for them from Santa Claus! 

Each Christmas letter comes in full color. 

All letters are sent directly to the child.  Please provide address below.

Letters should arrive sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.






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Santa Letter w/ Envelope


(Includes Shipping)

To order: enter personalization data and click on the "Add to Cart" button. 



Boy Girl


First Name:
Name child goes by (optional):
Middle Name (optional):
Last Name:


Home town:


Who Santa Talked to Santa (i.e., Mom and Dad or Grandma, etc.)(Versions 1 and 3 Only):  


Requested Gift from Santa (i.e., new bike, doll, game, etc.) (Versions 1 and 3 Only):  



Date of gift (optional):


  Version 1 Version 2 Version 3


Letters are sent directly the child.


Please enter the Child's Address


USA addresses ONLY!


  Note:  A shipping address is still requested at checkout because many customers order other items with their Santa Letters.





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